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ECU 179 vs 150


Hello from sunny Ukraine!  :D :D :D

I`ve received MAF today. And I`ve one question... My E34 was produced 05/88 and has 150 ECU (Motronic 1.1). Miller MAF must work with 179 ECU (Motronic 1.3). 150 and 179 ECUs a changeable. Will Miller MAF work on 150th ECU? Or it`s better to wait a few days and receive 179 ECU from Poland?

Greetings from Poland neighbor!

I am not 100% sure, however I believe the 179 DME looks at a few different variables in comparison to the 150. Im sure youre excited but my suggestion is that you wait and enjoy it once the 179 shows up!

In my case I had to try two different war chips (different revisions) in order to make it work with my 413 DME.

Good luck


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