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Author Topic: Miller MAF Conversion and PSIK Frequently Asked Questions  (Read 20457 times)


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Miller MAF Conversion and PSIK Frequently Asked Questions
« on: January 02, 2015, 02:05:12 PM »

To find all your answers to our BMW mass air flow conversion look no further. This comprehensive list of common questions should help you further decide if a Miller Performance Mass Air Flow Conversion is right for you.

What are the gains I can expect from the MAF System?
The MAF System replaces the stock AFM. We guarantee at the VERY LEAST the same gains as the leading performance chip. However, on top of that we also guarantee a better mid range, a flatter torque curve and drastically improved throttle response. Unlike the AFM, there is no "door" restricting flow. Due to no obstructions during part throttle you are able to flow more air into your engine. The chip provided with the System allows for your ECU to run the car as if the MAF sensor was an original BMW component. As far as recorded power gains go, you can expect and increase of 15 - 30 HP and 15 - 30 Ft. Lbs of torque at the wheels, depending on which engine you have and what MAF product you are using.
What is a good performance chip? How does our MAF compare?
There are plenty of chip makers out there. The price reflects the knowledge that goes into tuning those chips. If you look at our MAF conversionss however, you will see it provides more than just a performance chip. Not only are you getting a well developed chip with the MAF, you are also getting an updated Air flow sensor that will allow for better results compared to JUST a chip. Most Chip companies say your car will gain 20 - 25 hp from their chip, but what they aren't telling you is that those numbers are based on use with different Cams, exhaust etc. How can just a little change of software really make a 20 HP difference without engine modifications. We are the only company offering this valuable Chip & MAF Sensor package. The time spent on recalibrating the entire fuel and load parameters, timing maps along with other important parts, matched with our MAF will yield better results than any other chip out there.

I already have an aftermarket chip, do I need the chip that comes with your MAF?

We include our software with our MAF conversion products because the software is MANDATORY. Any time you change the sensor related to air metering on a vehicle, you must recalibrate the entire fuel code side of things to use the sensor properly. An aftermarket performance chip that is not written for OUR MAF will have severe drivability issues. Our software is not only calibrated to use and understand our MAF sensor, it is also performance tuned on the dyno.

Do I need the W.A.R. Chip to use your MAF?

No. The Miller MAF conversions and the Miller W.A.R. Chip are separate, independent products. However, they do work absolutely great together. As stated above, Miller MAF software is 100% required when using our MAF conversion. If you decide to use the W.A.R. Chip, the same Miller MAF software is available to use on the W.A.R. Chip.

We recommend the W.A.R. Chip for all M cars that want to use our MAF as well as any non M car that is highly modified aside from our conversion or has plans to do so. If you are basically stock and only want to add our MAF to your car, you do not need the W.A.R. Chip.
Does the Miller MAF Conversion System work on my car?
Miller performance has MAF conversions for the following cars:

e24 635 M635 & M6
e28 535 & M5
e30 325 & M3 (No MAF for 325e cars)
e32 735
e34 525 535
Porsche 944

The most important part to determine if our MAF will work for you is to look at your BOSCH ECU number. If you have a car with a BOSCH ECU that we support, regardless of your chassis, you can use our MAF conversion. If you don't find your ECU number on our store page list, we do not have a MAF solution for you.

Will the MAF work with future plans I have with my car?
Of course the MAF will work with you no matter what your plans for your car are especially if you are using the W.A.R. Chip! Your engine has to know how much air you are flowing and thus the need for an air sensor is always there. One way to measure airflow is with a MAF. When you decide to upgrade different components of your car, there is always a need to re-tune your car to its "new" full potential. Because our MAF System is calibrated in the ECU, it is easy adjust the software as needed.

Is the MAF hard to install?
We find on average, a first timer will take about 70 to 90 minutes. Once familiar with the setup, it usually takes, at most, 45 minutes to install.

What are some common problems?
Our MAF's are all strictly quality controlled after production and once more before shipping. We are human so sometimes mistakes can be made. However, the most common problem is that people fail to read the manual. Improper installation is the number one cause for problems with our MAF system. We can't stress enough that the manual must be read to install the product properly. BMW master mechanics are the worst for this! (Sorry guys) They always install without reading the manual and call us up to complain that the product doesn't work. A little humble pie is served up quickly  :P

The next most common problem is physically plugging the BMW connector on backwards. This is dangerous because it can sometimes lead to a shorted MAF sensor. If that happens, you are on the hook for a new sensor.

Another common problem is that there are mechanical deficiencies with the car to begin with. No matter how hard you make us try, we will not tune out mechanical problems. Our MAF software and the conversion is strongly proven. On a properly sorted car with no major mechanical issues, the MAF will work and function as advertised and expected.

Finally, a little less common but common enough is simply using the wrong sensor housing size and or wrong software calibration for the given application. This usually happens when someone buys the product second hand and the seller tells the buyer what they want to hear to make the sale. If you are ever in doubt about what you should buy from a second hand seller, shoot us an email or phone call. We can tell you if what you are buying will work for you or not. We aren't going to try and make a sale to you, it is more important that the users of our products are educated and happy with the system.

Can I run bigger injectors?

Yes, If you see the application listed on the store page or you use the WAR Chip in conjunction with our MAF.

It is a common misconception that adding bigger injectors will increase your power. Without proper tuning your are only hindering your engines performance. And again, bigger injectors are not the best option for power improvements.

Can I use a cam and/or and exhaust with the MAF?

Yes, we have a variety of software for your application.
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