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Author Topic: WAR Chip FAQ  (Read 18394 times)


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« on: September 05, 2013, 10:39:45 AM »

What is required to use the WAR chip?

- A car with OBDI electronics. These are typically cars from 1995 or OLDER
- A laptop or desktop computer with Windows XP computer
- Current Java
- A working Internet connection for initial setup
- Decent understanding of how to use Microsoft Windows XP.

Can I use Windows 7 (or other operating systems) in compatibility mode?

No, you cannot use Windows 7 OR Windows7 in “compatibility mode" at this time. You must use Windows XP or if you absolutely are stuck with a Windows 7 Machine, VirtualXP which is provided for free by Microsoft will allow the WAR Chip to communicate with windows properly.

My car won’t start

There could be a few causes to this:

1. Make sure you have run through the setup wizard. From the factory, our WAR Chips do not have tunes on them. You must run the setup wizard stored on the chip to get your first base tunes.
2. Make sure you are “writing” the files to the WAR Chip. Saving files stores them on your laptop or desktop, writing files actually puts them on the WAR Chip.
3. Make sure you are using Windows XP or VirtualXP if you are Windows 7 user. There is no guarantee that the WAR Chip will behave as designed on native Windows7 systems.
4. Make sure you unplug the WAR Chip from your laptop when you try to operate the car. The car will not run if the WAR Chip is connected to a laptop or desktop computer.

My tunes changed places when I read my chip

This is a temporary bug with the current version of the WAR tuning software. The tunes only shift over in the windows software, not on the chip. If you write the files back, they will be in the position displayed in the software. If you do not write the files again, they will be in the original position you had them in.

How do I put files on the WAR chip?

Select “file” then click “write”. The writing process should take between 1 - 2 minutes. Saving tunes is meant to store them on the laptop or desktop computer. “Writing” files puts them on the WAR Chip.

What does, “Incompatible Data file” mean?

There are two reasons for this. You don’t have an .ECU file selected OR you are using the wrong tunes for the .ECU you have selected. The .ECU file is the display instructions for the tune. Because each type of ECU has different maps in different locations in the software, you need to make sure you are using the right .ECU and tune files together. For example, if you have a 173 ECU and have the 173.ECU file selected you must use tune for the 173 ECU. If you try and use tunes for a 413 ECU you will get the “incompatible data file” message.

On the other hand, make sure the WAR Chip software knows what ECU file you are trying to work with. You will be able to look in the top left of the WAR For Windows window bar. There it will say, “Miller WAR Chip: BOSCH 179” for example. If it simply says, “Miller WAR Chip” then you do not have a .ECU file selected and need to do so. Refer to page 24 of the WAR Chip manual. It talks about adding .ECU Files.

I can’t find my tunes (or .ecu file) after running through the wizard.

Sometimes, the WAR Chip wizard trips up do to unique circumstances related to a specific laptop or desktop. If you open the WAR Chip program the very first time and have a blank interface, you will need to add your .ECU file manually as well as open the 4 tunes and write them. After the wizard has run, you will find those files located in this directory: C:/documentsandsettings/ “username” /wc

Where can I re-download the WAR tuning program from?

If you need to run the wizard again, please follow this link:

Where can I download more tunes from?

The WAR Room is back up and running. It is at the bottom of this forum. There, you can go in to the corresponding section for your ECU and browse/download any and all tunes available there.
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