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Title: what is the best procedure to fill in part throttle maps
Post by: snowman on August 07, 2014, 06:00:15 PM
Is there an efficient procedure to fill in part throttle maps?  Full throttle data first?  No load data vs rpm,  partial load data vs rpm and so forth.

AF ratio constant at say 13:1, all loads, rpm, then ign. advance to max power without detonation,  AF 14.2:1 at light load all rpm, again ign. advance to max power, again without pinging or detonation.

what to change for different temperatures?  Barometric pressures?

Is there a book that goes into all these details about generating best maps? :-\
Title: Re: what is the best procedure to fill in part throttle maps
Post by: millerperformance on September 02, 2014, 03:10:25 PM
Hi Snoman.

You should never have to fill out a map. If you are starting with literally a blank map and NO values entered, you are doing things wrong. You do not have to worry about different temperatures, the stock ECU has those configured already and we have made fine adjustments to those types of maps. Once set up, they do not need tweaking for 99% of the cars. Unplug your barometric sensor. You no longer need that since you are measuring MASS directly.
Title: Re: what is the best procedure to fill in part throttle maps
Post by: snowman on September 14, 2014, 03:56:26 PM
The reason I asked about part throttle maps is because at wot everything is ok, but as soon as the throttle is backed off a bit the engine starts knocking, big time.  Back to wot it's ok.

4/5 throttle causes knocking in all cases, 5/5 is ok.

That's with the factory chip, intel LD2764-4,  BMW 1267355059 in 055ecu.
Title: Re: what is the best procedure to fill in part throttle maps
Post by: bry195 on October 03, 2014, 08:21:34 PM
you can use a scanner to get a figure out what load you are at (not as quick).
what I did was add 10 to all fuel cells. logged afr's. have you ever played battleship? load increases as you accelerate right? you know when you start to accelerate load should be fairly low and it will increase as you accelerate with a pretty constant slope if you hold the pedal constant. I take 1 row (rpm) in the low rpm range 3 cells wide but one row only and take 5 or 10 back out. you will see if you hit the right cell in a new afr log. then I take a high rpm troublespot and play battleship again. you can then draw a diagonal line from the low rpm cells that hit and the high rpm cells that hit. now you know approximately which cells hit for an acceleration (ceterus parabum(look that up it means something important)) at say 50% throttle. now that you know which cells hit get the afr right. sometimes load goes 4 or 5 columns wide for a run.
always set the value back to where they were originally if they did not change the afr log.
use an excel spreadsheet to cut and paste original values so when you look at the new log you can see which cells hit. once you get a feel for the slope of the maf (or playing battleship) highlight the cells that hit for 25% with a color, 50% with another color, 75%...once you get a feel for it you will know which specific cell needs to change. when you get really good you wont need to play battleship anymore.