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Here's the dyno sheet in bigger format.

Sorry I didn't check the forum for a while. Have you found a solution? I have to search for the files or download them from the car.

Here's the dynosheet, sorry it's small

OK, finally we manage finish our setup on a M20B25:

Ireland 2.9L Stroker kit
Schrick 288°
Big bore Trottle body 70mm
Schmiedmann header
Stock injector
Stock fuel pump
Stock air filter
MAF and WAR chip for engine management

225Hp and 291Nm

Dyno shows we have a limitation on the exhaust and cam to find more power, we could also have 3Hp more by leaning a bit our setup. Be choose to stay on a safe side.

Not bad, thank you MILLER! :)

Naturally Aspirated Tuning / Re: Idle AND rev LIMIT for an M20B25
« on: June 20, 2014, 07:30:58 AM »
For more precision it's our first M20B25 with a Miller MAF and WAR chip, we usually use a skynam engine management.

We have 2 M20B25 2.7L with skynam engine management developing 220hp, a M20B25 2.6L with 215hp and a M20B25 3.1L with 273hp. So we have experiences on the M20, but no one with Miller WAR chip.

We made a pretune on a dyno and have 190hp at 5200rpm with 270nm torque, engine response is good. We now run 500km on the road and planned a second dyno run on next week. We hope to reach 230hp, what we could expect with a Skynam Sybele 6. So we need 7200rpm which is a bit conservative because we could reach 7500rpm based on previous experience on the same engines.

Can anyone answer on the rev limiter and idle? I cannot find the post where someone has this type of issue.


we are new in tuning with the WAR CHIP. We have a full prepared M20B25 with a stroker kit 2.9l, 284 Schrick cam, big bore throttle body, bored intake, schmiedmann exhaust.

We need to set the rev limit to 7200 rpm is it possible or it remain to the stock max at 6500rpm?

We also have issues with the idle it seems that the value entered didn't change the real value, we need 1500 rpm.

Thanks for your help,

Kind Regards,

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