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WAR Software Support / Re: Not Finding the Chip Was Working Past 2 month
« on: October 23, 2016, 11:24:01 AM »
I need to first say that the Miller team is awesome.  They did contact me personally and we resolved this when I was having this issue.  I unfortunately had over a year of distractions (work assignments out of state) and my project went on the shelf for a while.

This was not a JAVA issue, as noted in the original post everything was working fine for several weeks (over two dozen up loads) until I changed the program switch on the ECU during the upload.

We did end up sending the chip back to Miller and they reloaded the base configuration.  Very quick turnaround, no charge, etc.  The chip has worked flawlessly since and I am now getting a little time to get back to the project.

WAR Software Support / Not Finding the Chip Was Working Past 2 month
« on: April 09, 2015, 09:15:36 PM »
Ok, Everything has been working since mid January.
today I may have found an undocumented not to do.

I went to load a new tune, everything was working normal , chip was found, started the write, the write was working.

While still writing (poor thinking on my part) I recalled I had set the TCM into position #2, wanted it in pos #1, flipped it to position #1, lost connection to the chip, write was not complete, now the WAR software is no longer able to find the chip at all.

The chip has always been a bit slow 10 to 15 min, however it has always connected and loaded.

I have given it several hours, several attempts, not able to find the chip.

I have verified the USB cable is connected, checked for breakage in USB cable with ohm meter,  the chip shows as connected hardware on the PC safe hardware remove window. Shows as a removable drive in Explorer. (the computer is finding the chip)

To assure isolation from any DME issue I removed the chip and tried to get connection, still no success.

I have tried reloading all WAR software, reloading the ECU file
tried loading all software onto another PC , the other PC had the same fail to find chip.

Only thing I can figure is switching the TCM while up loading has caused an issue with the chip.

DME is ECU file 077, running stock engine, NA, Porsche 944. :-[

General Discussion / Re: Prosche 944 MAF + WAR
« on: March 11, 2015, 10:59:18 PM »
I will share my base tune file after I get the data logger running.  My current tune is based off of AEM gage readings and a bit of guess work, it is very drivable, but getting data will help dial it in.

General Discussion / Re: Prosche 944 MAF + WAR
« on: March 11, 2015, 10:50:52 PM »
Please feel free to share.  I am installing a data logger (as time permits) and will hopefully have some actual data to share in the future. The engine is stock, no mod other than the MAF and chip so the results should indicate performance due to the conversion.  Unfortunately I will not have baseline data as I just acquired the logger.
I tried to attach a photo of the install however the file size was too large. I did send a photo in e-mail to Brody.

General Discussion / Prosche 944 MAF + WAR
« on: March 02, 2015, 09:54:44 AM »
For those like me who can't resist taking a different path....

This may help anyone considering the Miller products for their Porsche.  I just completed the MAF and WAR chip conversion on my 1987 944 NA. While I do not have any hard data to share, I can say the tension in the corners of my face from the grin during the last few tuning runs indicate an improvement in the fun factor.

Installation is straight forward.  Use the instructions for the E30 for wire splice.  The 87 944 DME  is located inside the car under the passenger floor panel. I acquired a 28pin DME from an 1989 2.7l from e-bay for $125, this was simpler than soldering in the conversion socket. I got excellent help from Miller (Brody Saari) . The Tune map off the Miller site for the 077 ECU ran lean (15 to 17 AFR) in the PT Map. Most values were at 105 I cranked these up to 125 this brought the AFR down to mid 13 to mid 14 range and I turned off the stock O2 sensor.  car is performing excellent.  I may eventually get a dyno run, however for now it is very drivable as is.

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