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WAR Software Support / rpm limit resets to 0
« on: February 22, 2015, 02:37:09 PM »
the rpm limit is set to 7120, any other setting, higher or lower (e.g. 7200, 6500) results in 0 rpm after written to chip.  car won't start.  read all shows rpm limit set to 0 rpm.  reset to 7120 and re write works, but no other rpm will.

Is there an efficient procedure to fill in part throttle maps?  Full throttle data first?  No load data vs rpm,  partial load data vs rpm and so forth.

AF ratio constant at say 13:1, all loads, rpm, then ign. advance to max power without detonation,  AF 14.2:1 at light load all rpm, again ign. advance to max power, again without pinging or detonation.

what to change for different temperatures?  Barometric pressures?

Is there a book that goes into all these details about generating best maps? :-\

General Discussion / measured air flow
« on: July 13, 2014, 02:42:08 PM »
i have measured the air flow of my cylinder head plus intake runners using a super flow 600 flow bench in 0.050" increments until flow maxes out, about 0.4" lift.
I have detailed cam lift vs angle in 5 degree increments.  Head cc (44), compression ratio (10.5:1) as well as dynamic cr (7.8:1).
Is there a way to build an accurate map from this information?

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