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WAR Machines / Re: WAR Tuned Dyno Library
« on: August 19, 2014, 02:36:40 PM »
Model: 1987 BMW 535is

Engine: Personally built M30B35 high-compression (10:1) motor
•   B34 block bored to 92.5mm
•   B35 head, rods, springs, crank, manifold
•   Paul Burke B35 10.5:1 "806" M30B35 CNC Dome piston set
•   Paul Burke "mild" N21 camshaft (282/279)
•   24lbs injectors
•   179 ECU, Miller MAF, Miller WAR chip
•   Ireland Engineering adjustable fuel pressure regulator
•   Bavarian Auto ceramic coated headers
•   Ireland Engineering exhaust

Today's Numbers: 203 rwhp / 225 rwtq.

Miller MAF Tuned 8-19-2014

The original B34 that was in the car (which is for sale!) put out a respectable 173 rwhp and 188 rwtq. Un-tuned, with a stock 179 ECU and AFM, the B35 put out 196 rwhp/216 rwtq.

I'm quite happy with these numbers and even happier with the way the car is running.

The Miller WAR software is pretty dated and makes me jones for a Megasquirt now that I actually know what I'm doing. The idea that you can tune in real-time is pretty appealing. Maybe that will be a future project.

I didn't want to modify my wiring harness because I wanted to easily revert to a stock AFM. I found you can modify the ECU instead. I've now done this successfully for both an 059 and 179 ECU.

See my thread on mye28.com here for detailed instructions:


WAR Software Support / Re: help!! problem with war
« on: August 03, 2014, 02:47:41 PM »
I found this in the FAQ. Following these instructions i fixed it:

I can’t find my tunes (or .ecu file) after running through the wizard.

Sometimes, the WAR Chip wizard trips up do to unique circumstances related to a specific laptop or desktop. If you open the WAR Chip program the very first time and have a blank interface, you will need to add your .ECU file manually as well as open the 4 tunes and write them. After the wizard has run, you will find those files located in this directory: C:/documentsandsettings/ “username” /wc

WAR Software Support / Re: help!! problem with war
« on: August 03, 2014, 02:20:49 PM »
I'm having the same problem. The window is just blank. Even if I open a .mcp file. I've tried un-installing and re-installing.


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