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un-installed anything an everything Miller WAR related from my desktop and then re-installed from scratch. No luck.

After some experimentation, I may have come up with an interesting solution to both my lack of idle fuel tuneability and the deceleration fuel cut-off.

By using a MAF-Translator PRO (that will ultimately replace the MAF sensor on my car, Once I have it tuned) I was able to give the TPS signal a bit of a voltage bump at idle that then allowed my car to idle off the main/Part Throttle fueling and timing tables. Idling off the part throttle fuel map has given me full control again and bypasses the deceleration fuel shut-off. it'll work, for now.

Hey Guys,

Interesting issue here, I just installed a set of BoschIII EV1 24lb injectors in my M60. I brought in my Miller WAR chip loaded 404 DME into the house and plugged in to my Windows XP desktop, like I've done since installing the chip. I set up a series of 4 tunes with progressively leaner idle fuel tables to find my starting point for the new injectors. (all four tunes loaded with O2 sensors turned off).

I fire up my first tune, idles at 10:1 AFR (Innovate MTX-L wideband gauge and sensor installed). I click to the next tune which I made 20% leaner then the original...still 10:1 AFR. Third tune, 25% leaner...10:1 AFR. Fourth tune, 30% leaner...10:1 AFR. So as an experiment I write a tune that has 150% richer then OE and then a tune 75% leaner then OE, and finally I just zero out the idle fuel tables all together and loaded the tune....no matter what the tune says the idle stays at 9.8-10:1 AFR. Before, with the Bosch Gen II 19lb/hr injectors idle AFR's were high 13's/ low 14's but I didn't previously spend any time dialing in idle fuel.

As a side note, the AFR's and fuel delivery is responding to the main P/T fuel tables as I can lean or richen them out via tunes.

I'm going to try a program uninstall. Make sure java is fully updated and then do a full re-install to see if that helps. I'd really like to get idle AFR's dialed in, car is practically undriveable as is.

Also, is there any way that I can turn off deceleration fuel cut-off? It's causing some light load, light accelerator pedal cruising issues. Thank you.

Naturally Aspirated Tuning / Re: Please help me to understand M60B40 tables
« on: February 07, 2015, 03:13:04 PM »
Do you have a stock 540 tune? I see the stock 530 tune and the high octane 540.

Naturally Aspirated Tuning / Please help me to understand M60B40 tables
« on: February 05, 2015, 08:15:14 PM »
Hey folks, just received and installed my war chip. I'm playing with the downloaded 92oct tune.

Could someone please help me understand what determines the "Load (ms)" axis.

Is it as simple as; at idle and light throttle cruise load is low (1,2,3 tables) and when throttle is applied and as TPS and MAF speed goes up the load shifts to the 4,5,6 tables?

How does temperature sensors effect this, warmer temps the computer shifts to higher loads?

Finally, I have my chip installed. The heatsink clip and DME housing is modded for clearance. I have the MillerWarCHip.exe loaded a computer running Windows XP and everything seems to be working smoothly. After I load my tunes, I close the program. Restart the program and "read" my tunes. I'll get random cells on various tabs that have zero'd themselves out.  Every tune seems to have a couple cells somewhere in it that has zero'd out, and every single tune the RPM limit zero's itself out.

Any help, and input is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Projects / Meet Ares, E34 540i/6 daily driver.
« on: January 29, 2015, 06:57:52 PM »
Hey guys, I just pulled the trigger and ordered a war chip for my '95 540i/6. I work in the automotive field as service manager at a busy independent repair shop and I have a side business of tuning OBDII GM's with my laptop by writing and flashing via the diag port. I also have years of wrench time building my own projects and working in Hot Rod shops around southern Cali and Arizona. I am new to the world of BMW's and even newer to tuning them so I'll be soaking up as much info as I can about tuning my current M60B40, with plans to build a B44 short block with B40 heads & cams.

I've had project Ares for a couple of months now, picked up non-running. It took a month to finally figure out what ails him. The harmonic dampener was installed 90° off. In the meantime of figuring out the crank no fire I've replaced/swapped out/modified or upgraded:

484 DME to 404 DME, EWSII bypass
340lph fuel pump
Bosch II 19lb injectors

Replaced because necessary:
water pump
water pump pulley (now aluminum)
the mechanical fan was gone, so I mounted a pair of electrics.
harmonic dampener, previous one bent from mounting wrong

Then I've modded because I wanted to:

M62 throttlebody with IAC blocked off.
Pieced together high flow intake
Early M60 intake manifold with velocity stacks
External oil catch can, original CCV and OSV was allowing oil to get into the intake manifold.
Dual 2.25" exhaust from collectors back, catless, h-pipe, Magnaflow glasspacks as resonators. I'm currently experimenting with different rear mufflers searching for "That" sound.

...and of course the war chip, soon.

I've also systematically replaced every engine management sensor as they start to act up.

On to the pics;


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