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Author Topic: 1986 328 WARHEAD  (Read 4441 times)


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1986 328 WARHEAD
« on: January 13, 2014, 09:26:17 AM »

Welcome to my first build thread.
I am going to start off very easy and simple. I started this build 1 1/2 years to this date.  Found an e30 on ebay for $750 in philly. It was in rough shape. The paint was dull and the m20 was shot.

Welcome to the family ;) looks good in the rain!

The best part about her is the interior, immaculate. No tears in the leather and no cracks on the dash.

 I started prepping the engine bay, pulled the m20, wiring harness, and cleaned and  painted the bay.  Then taped up the bay with DEI.

Pulled the m50 out of an e34 I use to drive. Thankfully I didn't had to get an oil pan.


Time to tear it apart. It suck that I didn't take enough photos of the teardown.

Dipped the block and painted.

Now its time to put it back together!
8:5.1 wiseco pistons with Eagle H neam rod
2.8 crank
ARP 2000 head studs. Main cap bolts and bearing have been replaced(not pictured)
Stock head all clean, torqued, and ready. Reused the cometic mls headgasket. Coating was in good shape. And it held pressure.

Transplant begins!

Aww thank goodness the parts are hear! Precision 6262, Bluntech manifold, and of course the Miller WAR chip. Also got these neck destroyers CCW LM20. 16x9 et 30 rear 16x8 et30 fronts. 215/40/16 stretched tires. and BD racing coilovers. Treadstone performance intercooler, pipes, t bolt clamps and silicone bends. Also found a perfect lip at a junkyard.


51mm Tial bov and 38 mm tial mvs wastegate

Pick this bad boy up! Lincoln electric 140 mig. Im not a pro. :-\

Turbo, manifolds and wiring harness are hooked up. I made a Homemade adapter. I used the e34 harness, thought it would work. I had to rig a switch. It worked but it would stutter due to a bad ground. Check your grounds! Then I decided to get a regular e36 harness with the akg harness adapter. It works awesome.One problem is the m42 radiator. Im not sure if it provides sufficient amount of coolant for the block. Especially when a turbo creates an infernal blaze in the bay.

Zf m3 tranny filled with purple blood. Utilizing the oem dual mass flywheel to hold boost. Also got an oem exedy clutch and pressure plate (not pictured).

Made a double gauge holder with switches. Surprised how flush it turned out. Hooked up the boost gauge and the innovate mtxl wideband. Switches is for the fan, fuel pump, and an open-source. Last knob is the WAR chip.

3" mandrel exhaust all the way. Wrapped downpipe. Total of 5 vband clamps. Dynatech muffler. Open wastegate dump. Sorry im not a professional welder. Its my first time welding stuff.

Paint job failure due to a lack or thinner.. then I fail again with maaco. Ill deal with paint after im done with the build.


SH#t happens again!!! It started smoking after 500 miles during the break in. I took off the 3rd spark plug and found coolant inside! Took the head off and found out there was a crack! There goes more cash. I purchased a very clean, no cracks along with a.075 mls cometic gasket. I had to visit VAC motorsports to it up.Good thing its fixed.

Old e30 fuel tank was busted and fuel lines were corroded.  See pic of me on the side of the road fixing a fuel leak. I was headed towards the tri state tuners show but decided to turn around. The fuel system overhaul begins. Custom -10 fuel rail, Miller blow thru MAF,  42lb lucas injectors, -10 fittings and braided fuel lines, aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, aeromotive a1000 pump, aeromotive filter, 20 gallon fuel cell (without a sending unit...idiot >:( ). Vacuum linesare braided stainless steel lines. Drilled the valve cover for a blow by/oil catch can by jegs. All the braided lines and fittings are made by JEGS. I thought the wiring harness cover for e30`s were extinct but thankfully ESC tuning had them in stock. Last but not least is a tune. The wastegate is safely set at 10psi. HELP ME TUNE MY CAR!! Hopefully it puts out a high horsepower rating. Thanks for watching.