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Idle AND rev LIMIT for an M20B25 => Resolved

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Thanks! Can you email us a picture of the car and a larger dyno sheet so we can share it on Facebook?


--- Quote from: achervaz on July 12, 2014, 11:54:50 AM ---OK, finally we manage finish our setup on a M20B25:

Ireland 2.9L Stroker kit
Schrick 288°
Big bore Trottle body 70mm
Schmiedmann header
Stock injector
Stock fuel pump
Stock air filter
MAF and WAR chip for engine management

225Hp and 291Nm

Dyno shows we have a limitation on the exhaust and cam to find more power, we could also have 3Hp more by leaning a bit our setup. Be choose to stay on a safe side.

Not bad, thank you MILLER! :)

--- End quote ---

Now that I just finished posting about my upcoming 3.0L M20B25 Stroker Tune request...this looks really damn close. Are you considering e-mailing the Tune into Milller to upload to the Tune Cache?

It looks very close to what my motor and setup will be when I have room to get it installed next spring... Don't recall if the engine has a bigger throttle body, think that's stock, but otherwise, similar exhaust, IE 3.0L kit, just up to 19Ibs. Injectors, Stock Fuel Pump, etc.

Sorry I didn't check the forum for a while. Have you found a solution? I have to search for the files or download them from the car.

Here's the dyno sheet in bigger format.


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