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Hey all,

I'm trying to make an M50 crackle tune but honestly have no idea how to retard my timing in no throttle conditions. What I mean by crackle tune is (since I'm decatted) retarding the timing when there's no throttle input to the extent that the fuel ignites in the exhaust and creates a popping/burbling/crackling noise.

I'll try out a tune that I made and see what happens, but it may also create a loss of power in P/T so I have no idea.

Let's see what happens.


The M50 Crackle Tune is now finished after 4 days of work. I've attached it to this reply.

Now, I drive a manual so the fuel cutoff usually stops it from crackling, however there's a sweet spot just off "off-throttle" that makes it sound like a machine gun. Just be careful if you use this tune. If you make it crackle too much and too often, it can burn your exhaust valves. I usually do it only when decelerating at lights and on the highway. Between each "crackle session," give your exhaust valves and manifolds time to cool off. This tune gives it more fuel during off-throttle conditions, as well as retards the timing a considerable amount.


Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

Yours in BMW,
Johnny Redline

Can we get a video on this and is it similar to the rk tunes burble tune.

I will upload a video to YouTube and link it here when I get the chance. And I'm not exactly sure. It burbles normally for me on the "stock" 93 octane tune from the tune cache, but of course I'm decatted. It's more of a crackle, sort of like a combination of machine guns and fireworks.

Wheres that link? I want to see this in action. Please😂😂


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