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Author Topic: Meet Ares, E34 540i/6 daily driver.  (Read 14689 times)


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Meet Ares, E34 540i/6 daily driver.
« on: January 29, 2015, 06:57:52 PM »

Hey guys, I just pulled the trigger and ordered a war chip for my '95 540i/6. I work in the automotive field as service manager at a busy independent repair shop and I have a side business of tuning OBDII GM's with my laptop by writing and flashing via the diag port. I also have years of wrench time building my own projects and working in Hot Rod shops around southern Cali and Arizona. I am new to the world of BMW's and even newer to tuning them so I'll be soaking up as much info as I can about tuning my current M60B40, with plans to build a B44 short block with B40 heads & cams.

I've had project Ares for a couple of months now, picked up non-running. It took a month to finally figure out what ails him. The harmonic dampener was installed 90° off. In the meantime of figuring out the crank no fire I've replaced/swapped out/modified or upgraded:

484 DME to 404 DME, EWSII bypass
340lph fuel pump
Bosch II 19lb injectors

Replaced because necessary:
water pump
water pump pulley (now aluminum)
the mechanical fan was gone, so I mounted a pair of electrics.
harmonic dampener, previous one bent from mounting wrong

Then I've modded because I wanted to:

M62 throttlebody with IAC blocked off.
Pieced together high flow intake
Early M60 intake manifold with velocity stacks
External oil catch can, original CCV and OSV was allowing oil to get into the intake manifold.
Dual 2.25" exhaust from collectors back, catless, h-pipe, Magnaflow glasspacks as resonators. I'm currently experimenting with different rear mufflers searching for "That" sound.

...and of course the war chip, soon.

I've also systematically replaced every engine management sensor as they start to act up.

On to the pics;


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