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Author Topic: [413][Project] E36 325i Project  (Read 14593 times)


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[413][Project] E36 325i Project
« on: December 02, 2016, 09:12:08 AM »

Hello all,

I just purchased the WAR Chip and am starting this topic to post my maps for myself and for others, as well as brag about my "daily driver project." These maps will be tested by me before posting.

My car-
1995 BMW E36 325I
Engine- M50TUB25 w/ red label 413 DME (Non-EWS)
Trans- Getrag 5-speed manual
Rear end- 3.15:1 LSD
Mileage as of 12/02/2016- 218,000 (and still running strong)

Dry compression tests reveal 180psi on all cylinders
Oil leaks from valve cover

Performance Upgrades-
Custom aFe Power True CAI
Decatted Resonated Sport Exhaust w/ DTM Tips (sounds amazing ;))
UUC Double Sheer Selector Rod
Polyurethane Bushings (right now just LCAB's)

This is my daily driver, but it just isn't fast enough for me...yet. I plan on slapping a turbo on it within the next few years (after an engine rebuild of course) but I'm staying with the M50. I'm doing it, of course, with the Miller WAR Chip. I plan on rebuilding it soon for around 300-350HP N/A through cams, ported/polished heads, headers, and a refreshed block and rotating assembly. One day, however, when I put the turbo on, I want it to make around 500WHP.

Also, my car's name is Soundcraze. And fun fact- I'm from Texas, so my tunes will be based on warmer weather until winter (which is now).

TUNES CAN BE FOUND HERE --> https://goo.gl/SHANx6
(Note- My tunes are based off of the ones in the Tune Cache, they are not mine unless specified)

Cheers y'all,


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Re: [413][Project] E36 325i Project
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2016, 02:03:00 PM »

Nice to see someone sharing tunes on here lol.I would forget about N/A and go straight to turbocharging it to save a shit load of money but its all up to you.