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Author Topic: WAR Chip load axis  (Read 6792 times)


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WAR Chip load axis
« on: August 06, 2013, 10:12:46 PM »

Found this information posted by Brody on a different forum and it helped me understand the software a bit more.

Hope it does the same for you!

Quote from: Brody
The Load MS is injector Milliseconds. It isn't perfect but it is the closest thing to let you know where you are at IF you have a good data logger. However, don't be intimidated by the load. It is actually very easy to tune without seeing a little cursor to tell you where you are. Clarifiction: Load isn't one specific measureable thing per say, injector MS will get you close enough and that is why we chose to display that axis like that.

Also it doesn't read one specific cell, it is also referencing the cells around it. the key is to keep the map smooth. If you were to export the map data into excel and make it into a 3D map, you would want it to me as smooth as possible.

If you worry about cell by cell values you can have an ugly, choppy timing curve that will not feel smooth at all. like this:


Fuel is the same thing you want it as smooth as possible.

Now the grand question, where are you? when you are at a steady cruising RPM with no real load on the engine except for that which keeps you moving on a flat surface at the same speed you will be in these columns.

Remember, you want to make changes to the cells in that area at the given RPM because the goal is a SMOOTH map.

When you are accelerating in P/T you will be in these columns

Again, changing these values at the respective RPM will give you the results you need.

What about the columns in the middle? Those act as the transition between steady cruise and accelerating. Some times when you are going up a hill without needing to punch it more, you will move into those columns but again, smoothness is the key here.

The easiest way to figure it out if this explaination doesn't help is to make a BIG fuel change in an area of the map and find it with your foot and the wideband. You will learn VERY VERY quickly how the map works and then you will laugh at yourself for being so scared of it.

- Marcin


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Re: WAR Chip load axis
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2013, 10:14:18 PM »

Yep, this is a good post and it really helped a lot when I was getting started


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Re: WAR Chip load axis
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2013, 10:18:14 PM »

Great post, thanks for sharing