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Author Topic: Anyone have this Set up: M50 NonVanos 3.0 Stoker Stock MAF M3Header Schrick Cams  (Read 5336 times)

My Old Roc

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Hi guys. I hope to get REALLY lucky here and find a pre-built tune for my Frankenstein motor. ( or close to it)
First post here and I hope it goes better than the last arse-clown I talked to about programming a chip for this build.
I bought a WAR chip because I need a custom tune and I hope someone has the same specs I am about to mention so I can just "borrow" your tune...I'm not very good at this stuff...
I have built a Fankenstein motor and need to make sure I tune it so it doesn't ruin all the hard work I did ( not to mention the $$ !)
-I took a stock OBD1 Non-Vanos M50B25 and block and stroked it with 3.0 pistons/rods/crank.
-I have a set of Non-Vanos Shrick Cams ( I believe they are 264 Intake and 256 Exhaust.)
-I have a Header from a European E36 M3 Evo, and the Stock MAF with just a cone filter on it.
I am still in the market for the correct injectors to get because I don't know if the stock 16# injectors can handle the extra cylinder volume I created.
-Stock head, just rebuilt back to brand new ( with the Cams inside)
What I need is a tune that will let this engine run efficiently without undoing all my hard work!
I talked to one guy (who shall remain nameless) and he promised me he was the best, and he promised he could reprogram me a factory chip that would be exactly PERFECT for this motor...(because a WAR chip was a waste of time (his words)...and after paying him, a month later, he messages me and says, oh, by the way, I can't do a chip for a 402 Red Label ECU.....
He wanted me to switch over to a Vanos ECU with the harness and sensors and all....again, WTF?
The whole purpose of this project was to NOT have a Vanos unit to deal with. I do not want VANOS! I had to rebuild my motor because it was coming to the end of its useful life after 280,000 miles and I can't afford a new car so....
So, needless to say, got a refund, but that leaves me back to needing a PROPER tune for this Frankenstein motor.
I bought myslef a WAR chip and an Wideband A/F meter and am ready to try this, but the BIGGEST problem is ME!
I don't have very good luck with custom tuning. I installed a Megasquirt on my old 78 Scirocco and got that reasonable close to good, so I am familiar with fuel tables and timing curvs and the basics of tuning for diferent loads and rom etc, but  I am TERRIFIED of doing anything bad this freshly built motor, so I call out to you good people for help!
I am looking for a tune that can handle the 3.0L displacement and the higher flow cams and exhaust with efficiency and reliability.
I am not looking for POWER... Everyone seems to want to use the WAR to wrangle out every inch of horsepower from their motor, which it can do! but honestly, I am really looking more for LONGEVITY and RELIABILITY...the performance will come from the stroked internals and the higher flow efficency, and I PROMISE I will be happy with just that ::), but this engine needs to last me another 200,000 miles, cause I am NOT doing this crazy rebuild thing again!! :o

Ok- Long story short:
I need a tune for these specs:
-M50 OBD1 Non Vanos 402 Red Label ECU
-3.0L Internals
-Shrick Street Cams 264 I - 256 E
-Tubular M3 Evo Header
-Stock MAF - Cone Filter
-Stock Coil Packs
- I will also need to know WHAT INJECTORS to use and I will get them.

That's a lot to read and I thank you for helping me out guys!
Let me know what to do next.
I'm hoping someone out there has this tune, or at least a tune to start with.



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Hey there, nice build :)

you can either wait for someone with the same build or something close, but you and I have no idea when that will happen, so the best thing to do is to take things and do them yourself!

since you are familiar with fuels tables and tuned a megasquirt then you'll easily be able to adjust the fuel tables on a WAR chip, especially that you have a wide band sensor.
you can easily start with a stock or a performance tune for the 402 and adjust the fuel values. if you have a knock sensor to help you with the turning that would be perfect.

as for the injectors, i advise you to run the 24# injectors, they will definitely be more than enough to run your setup. you could also go for the 21# ones but i'm suggesting the 24# ones because they will be enough for sure.

take it slowly while tuning and you'll be there for sure, i did that to my build and i'm happy about the results :)

keep us updated about how it goes buddy


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Hi there,

Please email us and we will help you tune your car remotely. It will be pretty easy since you have a wideband already. Start with the 402 Performance file and then email us what the AFR at idle and part throttle vs RPM is. This will be a pretty simple thing to tackle over email.

you can use 21.5# injectors from an S52 or get 24# injectors, doesn't really matter. Unfortunately, the MAF cannot be changed on that ECU.

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