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Author Topic: found e30 m3 basket case rescue  (Read 4453 times)


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found e30 m3 basket case rescue
« on: October 14, 2013, 08:42:18 PM »

after owning a few e30s, i have FINALLY found an e30 M3 in my price range, and got it.

 drove it home, and the ride begins.

1st pix of it on the dealers lot.
*note; middle click usually opens images i post in a separate tab.  (firefox v24 )

hmmm this is interesting.

1st things of order was to fix all the issues.
1. no interior fan (no heat, defrost on any speed) - fixed (10 hours btw)
2. no wipers at all (1 hour got them to slowly churn, 3 hours later, work ok on all speeds)
3. every dash light on (a few days here sorting out the wiring- fixed
4. interior (pix coming up later) lets just say omfg.
5. horn never worked - found issue. broken at the stem, on the column
6. removed a/c compressor (going to remove internal ac rad too)
7. new dash on the way
8. new oil level sensor on the way
9. new seats on the way
10. new steering wheel on the way
11. deciding to sell the back seats, and headliner, back shelf, and install a cage

 this car will be a weekend, fair weather, day cruise, and occasional track car.

the engine is a m20b23i (euro) engine afaik, with a brand new head, and supposedly a custom engine w/240hp....(got it from a friend who just started his own dealership, and says the last owner rebuilt the entire engine with rare pistons, and other parts... but feels like 180atm with bad shocks, tires, and no dyno as of yet to prove it.

also, this (m20b23) engine can rev to 7k (and has on the way home), also comes with the updated wire harness, so im thinking of putting back in the 173 ecu (that they swapped in a 525 ecu so it would idle better). and going with the prostreet intake and WAR chip if possible.

pulled the front struts out to replace the upper mounts and found old racing dynamics springs. (going to sell them and get ground control coil over w/koni or billies)

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Re: found e30 m3 basket case rescue
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2013, 08:01:22 AM »

Is that an original color?

Sounds like its going to be a bit of work to get things sorted but seeing how much these things fetch for nowadays, looks like you did good.

Any other plans as far as the motor goes?


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Re: found e30 m3 basket case rescue
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2013, 09:35:49 PM »

 it was custom painted in 1995, and resprayed (guessing ) in the last 2 years b/c the blue color is throughout the shell, under the carpets, and firewall, even trunk firewall, behind the seats etc), but whats very noticable is the f****ng doorlocks, and sunroof seal is also painted blue...like they didn't even bother to tape up the door locks, or hood washer nozles..so that brings me to think it was in a wreck or something and they just touched up parts with the spare qt. of paint that might've been sitting in a garage..

i am always hoping someone recognizes this car, and i can have a conversation with the original builder..

but yes, a 2 month phase to get it street safe (wipers, heater, windows, doorlocks, seatbelts, horn, upper strut mounts (f+r), shocks, rotors/brakes,  all fluids, just to name a few things that are broken, or getting fixed atm.

there is also a 1 year, 2 year, and 5 year phase im planning out...
after 1 year, i will install a cage in it for some fun track events.
after 4 years, i plan to have a metric mechanics s14/tranny in it, and then possibly some vintage DTM livery decals... by this time, i would like to have a nice trailer, and make it a more dedicated track car, or even a hill climber.    for the sheer fun of it.

one thing you should know though, is that THIS car will be driven hard... (cautiously, but very spiritedly)..

i will start posting up progressive pix this weekend.


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Re: found e30 m3 basket case rescue
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2013, 05:02:37 PM »

 what a day.

left work early (at 11) and my 9 minute commute turned into a 39 minute one...

then, started this project,

as soon as i jacked up the front of the car (for the psik), i noticed a fuel leak !
so, yeah, every time i start one project, i have to fix at least 2...

then,  had to drive across town to fed-ex b/c they couldn't walk up a flight of stairs to deliver the new spark plugs....(that was an over an hour) and this wonderful autumn day was fallowed up by returning home to get the psik . war chip tested out, and im far from done, i do know this chip at least lets my engine idle...

 now to remove the intake, port match it, (maybe fallow the MM slightly, but not too much), install the 19lb injectors, slap in the new plugs, fix the (new) fuel leak, clean the interior, pull the rear seats, headliner, (selling those), install my seats and steering wheel, get new tires, (maybe wheels too), weld up the holes (x5 now  ??? ), get a cage weld in, and then, i should be good for a while...